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Wellbeing & Sickness Absence: How do you solve a problem like Maria being off sick with Anxiety

  • London United Kingdom (map)

Speaker: Tilly Harries - Employment Law Barrister and Director at PwC.


With increasing rates of mental illness at work, Tilly will delivering a relaxed, engaging and insightful session on how to effectively manage employee wellbeing, minimise the risks posed by ill health and what happens when things go wrong. This session is aimed at anyone that is responsible for or manages individuals in the workplace. We are delighted to have Tilly and PwC back with us in 2019!

What the session will cover

  • Practical tips to promote the wellbeing of your people within your organisation to reduce sickness absence.

  • How to deal with both short and long-term sickness absence, especially relating to mental health and stress.

  • How to minimise the risk of personal injury and discrimination claims and what could happen if it all goes wrong.

This will be followed by an evening of relaxed and friendly networking over drink & nibbles