'Where’s next for HR technology and how to get the most out of it'



We are very excited to invite you to our fabulous next interactive event taking place on 25th September 2018 at London Bridge, sponsored by CIPHR

5.30pm - Networking over drinks
6.00pm - Session Begins

'Where’s next for HR technology and how to get the most out of it'

Join Zoe Wilson, Director of Rethink HR, to discover how to maximise the business benefits of investing in specialist HR Technology - what's next in terms of tech and demonstrating the ROI. Using insights from real-life case studies, she’ll explore the whole cycle of choosing, implementing, and using HR technology, including:

  • Where’s next for HR technology, from predictive analytics to mobile working

  • Understanding what all stakeholders need from HR technology – not just HR’s wants

  • Getting IT and finance on board – and selling the benefits of HR technology to the rest of your business

  • How to demonstrate the results and pay off of investing in HR technology

  • If you link other systems – such as timesheets, payroll, LMS and ATS – with your core HR software

  • How to create process maps that take full advantage of your chosen software

This is a topic that comes up time and time again at events, on our discussion pages and is a topic that members have requested we cover. We are therefore very pleased to have Zoe join us to share her experience and insight into this popular topic!

After the session

After the session the evening will continue with open and friendly HR networking over drinks and nibbles.  So come along and meet like-minded HR professionals, make connections, share knowledge & experiences all in a warm and friendly environment. 

The ethos of this group is informative, informal and fun. So on that note, the dress code is 'come comfortable' and our culture is 'just be yourself'. Don't worry if you are running late, just come along. There will be no turning heads and I'll have a cocktail ready for you!