"You Can't Sit With Us" - HR Networking Can Be Hard Right? WRONG! No Mean Girls (or boys) here.

Do you sometimes feel like this when you join a new networking group or attend an HR event?

There is a reason the word “work” is in “network". It's because networking can actually be quite hard for some people and a little bit scary at first!  So we kept this in mind when we set up Corporate & Cocktails.

With our informal and friendly HR networking events, everyone from large corporate HR types to start-up, SMEs and self-employed HR types can find an informative and fun HR group in London, that will cater to their needs.

So we encourage everyone to come along to our HR events , mix with peers and employers from across the industry to share ideas, skills and connections over drinks and great conversation.

It's a simply formula, that works!  That's why we're proud of having more than 1,800 London HR professionals in our group!  See what some of our members had to say

For more information, please drop us a line.