Supplier Focus - Central Test


We are very much looking forward to having Central Test attend our event on 23rd February 2016.   So take a look below for a bit more information about the services they provide.

Your employees are the key to your organisation’s success. Here at Central Test, we recognise that and publish psychometric assessments designed to help you recruit, develop, and retain talented individuals.
Whether you are operating in the UK or abroad, you will receive results you can trust.
As an international publisher, we develop assessments in thirteen different languages and adapt each one to different cultural norms.
Our scientifically validated products meet the standards of the international community (ITC, BPS, and APA). Central Test uses the latest and most innovative methods, including techniques for measuring and controlling social desirability.
Our wide range of assessments measures:
✓ Personality and behaviour
✓ Motivations and vocational interests
✓ Sales and managerial ability
✓ Work ethics
✓ Reasoning and EQ
✓ Language abilities
By providing assessments targeted towards different positions and levels of responsibility, we provide relevant results. Our assessments are suited to the test-taker’s level of education, language ability, and professional experience.
The use of multiple assessments will give you a comprehensive understanding of individuals' competencies.
Customised and detailed reports give advice for development, with graphs providing an at-a-glance understanding of results. You can also add your own competency frameworks to the reports, making fit easy to measure. 

Our training programmes will support you in the choice and use of our assessments. You will receive key information, tailored to meet your needs, to help you make the right HR decisions. Delivered by our R&D consultants, you will learn about debriefing test-takers, defining job and competency frameworks, conducting team audits, doing statistical data analysis, and more.
All of our reports and assessments are available on a state-of-the-art online platform, which can be integrated into your own HR software.
Every day, Central Test provides more than 5,000 assessments in over 80 countries. Join the 3,500 organisations using our products by requesting a free trial here.