Super Special Offer for Corporate & Cocktails HR Members

Hi Everyone, 

Hope you are all well and I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the event next Wednesday!  

So to recent news, I’ve finally taken the plunge…...  A lot of you will know my passion for good recruitment and I’ve finally found a role with a recruitment business where all day long I can live out my love of getting to know and connecting HR people!

I now head up the specialist HR Recruitment Division of Clearcut Recruitment for London & Hertfordshire, recruiting across all HR specialisms and sectors. 

As you all know I’ve been running Corporate & Cocktails now for over 5 years, so I know a lot of HR people and we now have a member base of over 3,000 London and Herts based HR professionals.
I can find those 'OMG-there’s-a-perfect-needle-in-this-ridiculous-haystack' candidates that you often can't find yourself.  Why? Because I’m ridiculously well networked and I’m continuously engaged with both active and passive HR job seekers, who represent the best HR talent in the market. I’m also a fellow HR person, so I ‘get it’. Coming from the other side, I also understand what us HR people don't want from a recruiter


I’m offering C&C members a special discounted rate of 14% for jobs registered until the end of August 2016.

Even if you’re not planning to recruit until September onwards it is worth our having the conversation so that you can benefit from this introductory rate. Without prior negotiation standard Terms of Business will resume from 1st September 2016 (full copy available on request).


If you are recruiting and would like to chat about how I can help you, please do give me a shout on 07958 471021 or email me at

If you are considering a career move and looking for new opportunities either in London or Herts, please also give me a shout, so we can have a confidential chat.  I’ve got over 15 years in-house HR experience, so I’m not a typical recruiter (I am actually an HR specialist!). 

You all know me with life being too short that I find suits too uncomfortable to go about life as a corporate grouch (which you know I am not), so my aim is to make the recruitment process as personable and fun as possible whilst we search for your ideal career move together.  We are HR people at the end of the day so you can talk HR to me and not only will I understand, I’ll genuinely care.

If you are looking for your next HR opportunity give me a shout on 07958 471021 or email me at and we can have a confidential chat. 

I look forward to working with you all in either a client or candidate capacity, or both! 

See you at the event next week!

Kind regards,

Andy Selway MCIPD
Network Founder